Wyoming Workers Compensation Attorneys and Lawyers
The attorneys at McKellar, Tiedeken & Scoggin, LLC have an experienced, active and aggressive Wyoming Workers' Compensation practice representing both injured workers and employers with regard to injury claims and workers' compensation matters.  Wyoming Workers' Comp claims are unique because the Department of Workforce Services oversees and administers the Wyoming Workers' Compensation fund.  There are no third party administrators or insurers and Injured Workers and Employers will work directly with a claims analyst employed with the Division to handle claims and objections.  
Employees - Workplace, Industrial and on-the-job Injuries:
The Firm commonly represents injured workers throughout the entire state of Wyoming from Cheyenne, Casper, Gillette, Rawlins, Evanston, Rock Springs, Cody, Worland, Lander, and all points in between.  We also represent workers who were injured in Wyoming but now residing out-of state.  Our attorneys work on your behalf to help resolve benefit disputes and navigate the complex and confusing process of understanding and obtaining benefits from the Wyoming Division of Workers' Compensation.  You must file a timely objection with the Workers' Compensation Division with regard to any denial of benefits in order to preserve your right to contest the Division's decision to deny your claim.  Contact our attorneys immediately to discuss any denial of benefits and we can help you understand your rights.
You can count on our knowledgeable and experienced Attorneys to aggressively represent workers with regard to Final Determinations from the Workers' Compensation Division denying benefits to injured workers including denials of Injury Reports, Temporary Total Disability (TTD), Permanent Partial Impairment ratings (PPI), Permanent Partial Disability (PPD), Permanent Total Disability (PTD), Denials of Pre-authorization of Treatment. We have successfully represented workers in obtaining the benefits that they are eligible to receive. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to advise your with regard to your rights and the benefits that you may be eligible to receive.  We take cases to hearing before the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) and the Office of the Medical Commission (MC). Our attorneys have also successfully pursued our clients' claims to Wyoming District Courts and the Wyoming Supreme Court and prevailed on behalf of our clients.  
Workers' Compensation can often be a source of frustration and be difficult to understand.  It can be a complicated and confusing system of rights and benefits that is difficult to navigate.  A workers compensation attorney can assist you with understanding your rights to legal representation and evaluate a denial of benefits.  As an injured worker you may have a right to obtain an attorney or legal counsel to assist you in pursuing your objections to denials of benefits.  You may be eligible to obtain an attorney to defend your claim and denial of benefits and have the legal fees paid by the Worker's Compensation Division. 
The Wyoming Workers' Compensation Division also publishes a guide to help injured workers understand the program and process.  You can obtain a copy of that handbook online by following this link:   Workers' Compensation Handbook published by the State of Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.   
Additionally, in some limited circumstances you may still have a personal injury claim even though Wyoming Law generally grants immunity to employers for claims brought by injured workers who receive workers' compensation benefits.  There are limited exceptions where you may have a claim against third parties such as independent contractors working for your employer or a general contractor.  In other circumstances you may have a claim against a co-employee or supervisor when their conduct is willful and wanton -- Willful and wanton misconduct is the intentional doing of an act, or an intentional failure to do an act, in reckless disregard of the consequences and under circumstances and conditions that a reasonable person would know, or have reason to know that such conduct would, in a high degree of probability, result in harm to another.
Our attorneys have successfully pursued and defended claims through appeals from the Office of Administrative Hearings and Medical Commission through the Wyoming District Court and the Wyoming Supreme Court.  
Employers - Wrongful and Disputed Claims; Pre-Existing Conditions; Objections:
Our extensive practice in Workers' Compensation also makes our attorneys particularly well-suited to assisting employers with objections to awards of benefits for injuries that did not occur at work or do not involve work related activities.  Our attorneys focus on providing efficient but aggressive investigations into claims and straight forward answers to our employer clients regarding disputed claims for benefits.  We understand that wrongful claims may have broad and far reaching implications for employers that may lead to future claims by other employees or have significant affects on business practice and safety policies.  
The Firm has represented large and small companies headquartered both in and outside Wyoming.  Our attorneys can help with understanding the Wyoming Workers' Compensation System, filing and defending objections to benefits, investigating and procuring information regarding injury claims, pre-existing conditions, etc. Once an objection is filed we can investigate an injury claim, obtain medical records, and depose treating physicians to understand the nature and etiology of a reported injury to determine its relationship to a work related incident.  
Wyoming Law also provides a number of protections and immunities to employers whose employees are covered by workers' compensation. You should know your rights and benefits as an employer and understand the risks that your business may still be exposed to despite the protections afforded to your business as a result of being properly enrolled in the Workers' Compensation program.  Additionally, in some instances it is even possible to recover attorney fees incurred in a successful defense of a claim for workers' compensation benefits.  Do not hesitate to call our office to speak with one of our attorneys about employer representation.  


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