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Office of Administrative Hearings Finds in Favor of Client in Workers` Compensation Claim for Benefits related to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
The Office of Administrative Hearings found in favor of the Claimant, our client, represented by Brian J. Hunter and extended Workers` Compensation coverage for bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The Wyoming Workers` Compensation Division had objected to coverage on grounds that our client had filed a late claim and that her carpal tunnel syndrome was not related to her substantial work on a computer and keyboard use.  The Hearing Examiner found that the Division`s medical expert lacked credibility with regard to his testimony that computer keyboard use is not a cause of CTS and that the Claimant did not have CTS at his examination.  
The decision noted that four of Claimant`s doctors found her to have CTS and that the testimony from Claimant`s primary physician that keyboarding was a contributing factor but not the sole cause of the CTS was more credible.  It was also noted that Claimant`s symptoms decreased when away from work for significant periods of time.  The issue of late filing of the Report of Injury was also resolved in favor of Claimant by finding the filing to be timely, and that even if the report was late there was no prejudice to the Division due to the limited treatment Claimant received.  

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