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Sean Scoggin Obtains Defense Verdict in Trial Involving Car Accident
Sean W. Scoggin successfully defended a case brought by a Plaintiff alleging that a car accident in July 2009 caused chronic neck pain and depression.  Medical bills were presented to the jury in the amount of $166,000.00.  Plaintiff`s medical expert testified that both of the cervical fusions that she had prior to trial were necessitated by the accident.  Plaintiff also claimed damages for severe pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and loss of consortium on the part of her husband.
Plaintiff did not attend the trial except to testify as she alleged that she was too emotional about the accident to sit through trial.  Plaintiff`s own treating healthcare provider testified that imaging prior to and after the accident did not show more than normal degeneration of the cervical spine and did not indicate an acute injury.  This doctor testified that despite some minor disc protrusions he saw nothing that would have necessitated surgery.  
The jury found that out client was negligent with regard to the accident, but he was not the cause of the plaintiffs` injuries.  

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